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Hosting over 750,000 WordPress websites globally, DreamHost have one of the world’s most expert teams when it comes to WordPress technical support. Partnering with WordPress for a decade, they offer free WordPress install and upgrade, as well as unlimited disk storage, domain hosting, email accounts and uptime, with an industry leading 97 day money back guarantee. 

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DreamHost WordPress Hosting Features:

WordPress at DreamHost is categorized into shared hosting and managed hosting solutions. The shared hosting is a one size fits all hosting subscription which reduces in price the longer you sign up for. So if you are ready to jump in for two years, you will pay only $8.95 per month. 1 year may seem more manageable a commitment to you, in which case the price is raised slightly to $9.95 per month. If you prefer to keep to a rolling monthly contract, this will be $10.95 per month. Remember, you can always take advantage of the 97 day money back guarantee. 

Whichever option you choose, shared WordPress hosting at DreamHost comes with 1-click installation, unlimited storage, bandwidth and domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, FTP users and an 100% uptime guarantee. More than simply allowing use of WordPress, DreamHost is a WordPress partner, and has been since 2005, and their in-house developers actually work on coding the newest versions of WordPress, making them the best in the business. 

If you’re looking for something a little more powerful, try DreamHost’s managed WordPress solution, which starts at only $19.95 per month, and includes 30GB of SSD storage, allowing for over 2 million monthly visitors. 

DreamHost WordPress Performance and Support:

DreamHost support is available through the control panel for existing customers. 24/7/365. Before you are signed up, you can try the DreamHost wiki which is a knowledgebase for all your initial questions about the service. You can also join discussion forums or send a query via contact form.

DreamHost is optimized for WordPress. They offer auto-scaling RAM, allowing their resources to auto-scale to give you the ultimate in reliability even as your website grows. The speed enhancing SSDs mean you never have to deal with problems which slow down your site or frustrate your visitors. Managed WordPress hosting uses Virtual Private Servers,  offering your website an isolated environment to thrive. 

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