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Offering pre-installed WordPress, Web Hosting Hub is a seamless way to host your website using the most popular platform on the web. Choose from thousands of WordPress themes and easily customize them with plugins and widgets which can incorporate multimedia tools, add social media integration, or support extras such as calendars or contact tools. With 24/7 US based support and a 90 day money-back guarantee, we love the three subscription options helping you make the right choice for your needs.

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Web Hosting Hub WordPress Features:

All WordPress plans include free Solid State Drives (SSDs) which make your website up to 20x faster, and totally free WordPress auto-install. The Spark plan starts at $1.95 per month, and includes 2 websites, 10 My SQL databases, $75 of ad credits, and SSH access. You will be able to have 5 parked domains and 25 subdomains.

The next step up is the Nitro plan, which starts at $6.99 per month. Unlimited websites and databases, as well as unlimited parked and subdomains, and $175 of ad credits are included. You can also choose which data center you would like to be hosted on, to help with speed and traffic.

Finally, the Dynamo plan is $10.99 per month and is built for the most dynamic of sites which are likely to use the most resources.  

Web Hosting Hub WordPress Performance and Support:

Thousands of users choose to host their WordPress sites with Web Hosting Hub. The support technicians are fully trained in WordPress, and can help with any queries you might have, from migrating an existing site, to building a new one, to managing your website once it’s up and running. Simply reach out via live chat or telephone or via the ticket system. You can also visit the help center, which has a specific section for WordPress queries and concerns in the Learning Corner.

In terms of performance, Web Hosting Hub optimize their servers to run WordPress. Running suPHP, they offer a higher level of security than the norm, and they make sure to run the latest versions of MySQL and PHP 5 too. Utilizing PHP Caching and maximizing available RAM on the server, they can therefore assure you that your site loads as fast as possible, offering the best user experience for your visitors, and optimizing your website for the search engines too. 

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